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Redpost, Lda.
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Data protection

All data present in the various systems and databases of Redpost, Lda. have been gathered through contractual relations and professional interventions with Redpost clients. They are used simply for the purposes mentioned above and for sending informative and promotional newsletters.

Your data can be deleted at any time, as long as you express this wish in writing. Redpost is governed by compliance with the law in force, namely Law 67/98 of 26 October, rectified by Law No. 103/2015 of 24/08.

After 25th May, 2018 the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR) No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the European Council of April 27, 2016, which establishes and standardizes the processing and protection of personal data, will be applied.

We assure you that your personal data will not be transferred to a third party company and even less commercialized. On the other hand, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of your messages that are sent via email because they are essential to the normal operation of the company.

Redpost will keep your personal data for the period necessary for the provision of services, invoicing and compliance with legal obligations and for marketing purposes “related to our area of activity”. The databases are safeguarded and protected so that they cannot be leaked or misused in any way. In this sense, they are safeguarded in accordance with the Intellectual Protection Code and current legislation.

Which Data We Use?

Currently, Redpost uses essential personal data for the user to make an information request about the products we commercialize, such as:

  • Name: is essential to identify the request and the customer.
  • Email: crucial for contacting the client and answering the requested service.
  • Contacto Telefónico: used to provide information or request specific information about the order.

How do we protect your personal data?

Your data is protected by the above-mentioned legislation. In addition, it is stored in a space to which only the data protection officer or certain named persons have access. We want to avoid at all costs the leakage of all or part of your customers’ personal data.

No additional techniques will be performed to acquire your personal data and extraordinary information. We do not use any technique to alter or modify your personal data.

Personal data management

The gathering of your data will only be carried out with your consent. The use of this data is only intended for inter-company communication and for sending informative and promotional newsletters.


Redpost is protected by Portuguese and international law regarding copyright, data protection and intellectual property protection. All content, images and videos were designed internally by the brand. Being essential to reflect that any changes of this are condemned under the law in force.

The trademark (Red MKT) is registered under the law, having the deed number 593101. No copying or alteration of our trademark will be allowed.

Redpost may enjoy the rights to modify any texts, images or videos, every time it considers it desirable or appropriate.

This company reserves the right not to accept campaigns or advertisements from third party companies. If it happens, we will use the necessary tools and means to condemn the infractions.

Email Marketing

When you subscribe to our newsletter, you are giving your consent in a voluntary way to the use of your personal data to receive marketing campaigns conducted by Redpost. To unsubscribe, just click at the end of the newsletter or send an email toe

Links’ Systems

All internal and external linking systems used on our website are only for the purpose of ease of navigation and to better direct you to what you need. We cannot take any kind of responsibility for problems resulting from external links.


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