Google ads,
meta ads and
linkedin ads

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We implement online advertising campaigns.

Digital advertising offers metrics impossible to achieve with traditional advertising. RED MKT focuses on creating 100% effective online campaigns, with the goal of converting visitors into leads for your business.

  • Google Ads (Anúncios nos Sites Parceiros do Google, Pesquisa Google, Gmail e Youtube)
  • Meta Ads (Facebook e Instagram)
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Tiktok Ads

Launched a product or service and want to promote it on Google or give a boost to others you already have?

Google Ads, Meta Ads and Linkedin Ads - RED Marketing

The use of Google Ads is a quick way to promote products or services and achieve sales results, while also creating brand awareness.

Our team studies keywords, creates campaigns and ads, and reports regularly so you can track your entire investment.

Google Ads, Meta Ads and Linkedin Ads - RED Marketing

Through diligent Google Ads work, RED MKT managed to significantly increase our clients’ results. From the usual 5,000 monthly clicks, we recorded a 30,000 monthly increase in potential customer clicks.